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Our Goal is to Provide a Caring & Flexible Environment for Our Pets & Owners.
  What to do if you’ve
lost or found a pet

Lost a Pet?
  • Call Animal Care and Control (312) 747-1406 and all other shelters and vet clinics in your area with a description of the lost pet.
  • GO TO THE SHELTERS. Visit every shelter in the area to check for your pet and to post color pictures. Simply calling the shelters is not enough. Chicago’s Anti-Cruelty Society recommends checking local shelters every day until the pet is found.
  • Make a flyer, with color pictures if possible, to distribute all around the neighborhood where the pet was lost (vet clinics, shelters, etc.).
  • Check www.lostandpound.com, www.petfinder.org, and www.lostdogsillinois.org to add a description of your pet to the lost pet database. Lostandpound.com will also notify all participating veterinary clinics, shelters, police and fire departments within a 5 mile radius of where the pet was lost, and the website will generate a free flyer for you to post in your neighborhood.
  • Publish ads in local newspapers (The Tribune, Sun Times, The Reader, craigslist.org). Don’t Give Up!!!
  • When your pet is found, have a microchip implanted to ensure that your pet will be returned safely to you next time!
Found a Pet?
  • Does the animal need medical attention? If so, call your regular Chicago veterinarian, a local emergency clinic, or take the pet to Anti-Cruelty Society. Be aware that if the pet is relinquished to the Anti-Cruelty Society (rather than simply visiting the clinic) there is a possibility of euthanasia after a five day grace period. If you have other pets at home, consider quarantining the stray to avoid disease transmittance or fighting.
  • Take the pet to a local shelter, clinic, fire department, or police station to scan for a Microchip. Call all shelters and veterinary clinics in the area with a description of the pet, maybe he/she has already been reported missing. Also check www.lostandpound.com, www.petfinder.org, and www.lostdogsillinois.org for a posting of the lost pet and add a description in the “found pets” page.
  • If no owner is found, all stray animals must be taken to Animal Care and Control to be held for a mandatory 5 day period for an owner to come forward and claim their missing pet. If you wish to continue caring for the stray animal or to find a home for it yourself, it is up to you to return to ACC after 5 days to retrieve the stray; otherwise it will be considered as surrendered to Animal Care and Control with the possibility of euthanasia.
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What to do if you’ve lost or found a pet
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