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Our Goal is to Provide a Caring & Flexible Environment for Our Pets & Owners.
  From the Doctor...
My goal at Jewell Animal Hospital is to provide a warm, caring, and flexible environment for our pets and their owners. With an emphasis on great customer service and the latest medical, surgical, and pain management techniques, I want clients to walk away feeling that their companion animals received the best possible care and attention available anywhere in the city!


Sarah - Sarah is a certified veterinary technician and our practice manager who graduated from Fox College in 2008. She has since gained experience in general practice and has specialized in oncology. She has 2 adorable kitties and 2 loving pups at home: Coltrane, Connor, Chaka Khan, and Chalupa Batman. Sarah started her veterinary technician career right here at Jewell Animal Hospital, moved out of state where she gained her oncology experience, and now she's back!

Jen - In a south suburb of Chicago born and raised, Lincoln Square is now where she spends most of her days. Jen graduated from Fox College in 2012 as a certified veterinary technician and assists our veterinarians in patient surgery as well as exams. She loves people, ping pong, and walks on the beach, and especially loves playing with her puppy Snickers AKA Snickerdoodle. Jen is a great addition to the Jewell Animal Hospital team.

Hailey- Hailey moved to Chicago in 2015 and is working towards her Bachelors in Nursing. She joined our team as a hospital assistant and has since grown into a veterinary technician role. Hailey is the proud parent of three sweet-as-can-be chihuahuas Remy, Roxy, and Rosey, and her cat, Riley.

Ivana - Ivana is one of our customer service representatives and is studying for her Ph.D in Criminology at UIC. Her undergrad is a double major in Sociology of Crime and Psychology. She loves animals, especially her adorable red-nosed Pitbull mix, Pumba! Ivana moved to Chicago in 2007 and loves the plethora of multiculturalism elements throughout the city.

Ellie - Ellie came to Jewell Animal Hospital as a kitten in late 2011. Within days we had all fallen in love with her, she and Hobbes had become best buddies, and she had found her brand new home. Recently Ellie has started her first semester of circus cat training and she has successfully learned both low five and high five. Soon she hopes to be jumping through hoops on command. Ellie spends most of her days sleeping on our counter and scowling at the dogs that come in. One of her favorite things to do is to eat the dog treats and knock everything off of our counters!

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  And that’s not all…

We are equipped with the most modern blood analyzing machines.

Surgical patients at Jewell Animal Hospital are monitored for all vitals during procedures including "Bair Huggers" to keep anesthetized patients warm and cardiovascular machines to measure anything from blood pressure to carbon dioxide output.

We have access to the latest information using the Veterinary Information Network and have established relations with veterinary specialists from neurologists to dermatologists.
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