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  Pain Management

Pain management for our patients is one of the most important focuses at Jewell Animal Hospital. We are always looking for improved drugs and procedures that reduce the pain and suffering experienced during surgery, emergencies, and simply due to the normal aging processes. Whether it be injections for improved ease of movement from arthritis or patches that provide local analgesia for lacerations or incisions, we here at Jewell make every effort to make our patients comfortable and pain-free.

For our surgical patients we offer three levels of pain relief. Non-steroidal antinflammatories (NSAIDS), injectable and oral, prevent spinal cord "wind-up" signals of pain to the brain. Injectable or transdermal opiod agonists coat pain receptors in the brain and are actually fifty times more powerful than morphine in their effects. Finally, lidocaine patches deaden neurons in the skin and are effective for 36-48 hours.

During our dental prophylactic procedures, we minimize pain by several methods. First and foremost we can definitively decide whether or not a tooth needs extraction by taking dental radiographs of suspicious teeth. If a tooth root is deemed infected, local anesthetics block nerve root impulses. NSAIDS and opiod agonists give our dental patients the highest level of pain management available in veterinary medicine today.
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