About Us
Our Goal is to Provide a Caring & Flexible Environment for Our Pets & Owners.
  From the Doctor...
My goal at Jewell Animal Hospital is to provide a warm, caring, and flexible environment for our pets and their owners. With an emphasis on great customer service and the latest medical, surgical, and pain management techniques, I want clients to walk away feeling that their companion animals received the best possible care and attention available anywhere in the city!


We offer a range of services including:
  • general exams
  • vaccines
  • puppy and kitten exams
  • digital x-rays
  • in-house diagnostics including:
    • complete blood counts and comprehensive blood profiles
    • urinalysis
    • blood pressure
    • glucose curves
    • cultures
    • cytologies
  • surgery including:
    • neuters and spays
    • cryptorchidism surgery
    • cystotomies
    • mass removals
    • foreign body removal
    • exploratory surgery
    • urinary obstructions
  • periodontal assessment and oral surgery with digital dental x-rays
  • chemotherapy
  • senior health care
  • emergency medicine

- NOW! Offering in-home veterinary care. Learn more here

- See specialty services we offer here.

We do not perform ear cropping or tail docking unless medically necessary for the health of the pet.

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  And that’s not all…

We are equipped with the most modern blood analyzing machines.

We have access to internal medicine specialists at IDEXX Corporation for follow-up consultations on difficult cases.

Surgical patients at Jewell Animal Hospital are monitored for all vitals during procedures including "Bair Huggers" to keep anesthetized patients warm and cardiovascular machines to measure anything from blood pressure to carbon dioxide output.

We have access to the latest information using the Veterinary Information Network and have established relations with veterinary specialists from neurologists to dermatologists.
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